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Jewelry Information & Care

Question: What is the difference between antique gold/silver, gold/silver plated and gold/silver tone items.

Answer: Antique gold/silver items are plated and have a special blackening technique. This finish is used to highlight the patterns to display it's beautiful details. The color is dull.

Gold plated items have a yellow color that looks closer to gold. It is made of alloy plating with a thin layer of gold. If you prefer bright gold colors, you could consider gold plated which is brighter than the antique gold and gold tone items.

Silver plated items are plated with a layer of real silver, so it looks the same as sterling silver, except no 925 hallmark. These are a shiny silver color.

Gold tone items are gold toned in color, but they are less shiny than gold plated. It is duller than gold plated, but it looks brighter than antique gold.


Question: How do I care for my jewelry?

Answer:  We recommend storing each piece separately in a plastic bag or jewelry box.  Do not wear jewelry while swimming or bathing. Certain beauty products could damage your jewelry's finish, therefore, put your jewelry on after applying lotions, perfumes and other products that may come in contact with it. We do not recommend using jewelry cleaner on your pieces. Always us a soft cloth to clean your jewelry.