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Our Rewards Program

Join our Sweet Tooth reward program and be on your way to receiving discounts and coupons towards your future purchases! It is so simple and here is how it works:

Receive 100 points just for signing up! 

Receive another 50 points for simply liking our Facebook page and yet another 50 points for sharing on Facebook!  (to easily find our Facebook page just click the link at the bottom of our homepage here on our website).

Refer a friend and receive 10 more bonus points (and your friend also gets a 10% coupon!)

Is it your birthday? OK...have 25 more points!

.....  and the best part of all.... you receive one point for EVERY dollar spent!!!


They will add up quickly and you will receive discounts such as:

$5 Discount upon reaching 500 points
$10 Discount upon reaching 1,000 points
$25 Discount upon reaching 2,500 points